Professionalism and compassionate hearts

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Dear Dr. Lee, Dr. Song,
and Joann


I like to extend my deepest gratitude to
you and the whole VIP team. A special thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Song for their
skillful hands, aesthetic eyes, highest level of professionalism and the most
importantly, compassionate hearts. You have injected a dose of youthfulness and
sweetness with perfect harmony to my face which I thought was impossible to
regain. Thank you, I am blessed. I also like to thank Chloe and Jessica for
making arrangement on accommodation, transport and the little things that makes
the recovery process pleasant. Under the leadership of Joann, she is the most
amazing lady I have met, could miss her and the conversations we had. Also I
would love to thank Weng and Mina for their hair and facial treatment and their
tender care. A special thanks to the lady who made the food for us. Thanks for
taking care of my daughter. Congrats again. VIP is a clinic with the deepest
Professionalism and Love.


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