“What Is Harmony Rhinoplasty?”

The traditional rhinoplasty was known as using foreign implants like silicone implants for the bridge and ear & septal cartilage for the nasal tip structure.
Most of the patients and even the surgeons understand the general term rhinoplasty as inserting a foreign implant to the dorsal area of the elevation of a flat nose. However, this method of rhinoplasty cannot possibly create a harmonized face. There are limitations to fixing the mid-face retrusion, mouth protrusion, small chin and prominent cheekbone. Although the nose may be augmented with a higher bridge, the result cannot be naturally balanced with the entire face. Moreover, the traditional rhinoplasty method has higher chances of complications such as contraction and skin redness.

VIP suggests a new advanced technique known as the Harmony Rhinoplasty, concerning the full facial balance by artistic rhinoplasty. Harmony Rhinoplasty is an exclusive surgery created by Dr.Lee Myung Ju with unique structural 3D techniques. This surgery package includes rib cartilage rhinoplasty and mid-face augmentation. It uses rib cartilage to improve flat, sunken, wide nose and protruded mouth by creating a 3D voluminous and suitable ratio for an individual patient. This method corrects the mouth protrusion, achieves a well-balanced nose, mouth, and chin, and makes the big cheekbone appear to be smaller.

Harmony Rhinoplasty uses a rib cartilage to make a flat, sunken nose, and retracted columella into a 3D mid-face as the rib cartilage has a strong supporting strength. Autologous tissues have very low rate of infections compared to foreign implants such as the Gore-Tex, silicone implants, and silicone injections.

Medical Artist Dr. Lee Myung Ju

Doctor’s Message

Many people who went through several rhinoplasties are sometimes still not satisfied with the result. Why is that so? From my long experience of researching and performing the rhinoplasty, I have found out that many people still could not achieve a harmony face even after their rhinoplasty. I have seen many people with a protruded mouth or weak forehead and chin that ultimately do not create a beautiful profile view. It is important to understand that the profile line from a forehead to nose to lips to chin greatly determines the facial harmony. Therefore, simply augmenting the nose bridge without correcting a protruded mouth or weak chin does not create a harmonized ratio, but rather gives an impression of a separate entity in the face. The Harmony Rhinoplasty (Rib cartilage rhinoplasty & Mid-face Augmentation), allows us to design the nose structure that considers these concerns. If the patient would like to improve their appearance greatly, additional surgeries along the rhinoplasty may generate a synergistic effect in creating a harmonized profile line.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    0-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    7-10 Days
  • Recovery Time :    10-12 Days

Harmony Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

Harmony Rhinoplasty and mid face augmentation

Harmony Rhinoplasty uses the rib cartilage to build a fundamental structure and supporting columella for a flat and sunken nose and thus creating a 3D mid-face.

Compared to other autologous tissues, the rib cartilage has the greatest amount to design the full structure (basement, structure, bridge, and tip) and has a strong strength to support the columella. Rib cartilage is an unnecessary tissue that is attached near the bones and is popular to use for nose surgery due to its flexibility in usage. Rib cartilage rhinoplasty is becoming more popular recently as the rib cartilage can be fully incorporated into the body over the time as it is a natural material from your own body.

A partial amount of rib cartilage is used for the nose structure; two to three small pieces of rib cartilages are used for mid-face augmentation. Mid-face augmentation is a unique but relatively a simple surgery that can alleviate a protruded mouth and deep laugh lines. Please click here to read about mid-face augmentation.

Illustration Simulation for Harmony Rhinoplasty

Harmony Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty with the Mid-face Augmentation surgery

Illustration for Harmony Rhinoplasty

About the Scarring Around the Ribs

Minimization of scar tissues after rib cartilage rhinoplasty

Are you worried about having a scarring near the ribs? It is common to concern about the scarring due to the incision line from harvesting the rib cartilage. However, VIP Plastic Surgery performs a minimum incision (2-3cm) with an experienced technique to solve this problem. The incision line follows along the line underneath the breast line and therefore the line becomes almost invisible. If this incision line is taken care of with a proper post-care, the incision line eventually fades away over the time.

Comparisons between Double-jaw Surgery vs. Harmony Rhinoplasty

The double-jaw surgery is a well-known method for Asians to fix the protruded mouth and mid-face depression. This is the major surgery that moves both the upper and lower jaw structures or reduces gum, which requires 4 teeth extraction.

However, this double-jaw surgery is really for people who have a severe lantern jaw or misalignment of the teeth, called malocclusion. This operation requires 1 to 2 years of orthodontic treatment. Also, there is a lot of blood loss during the surgery and obstructive sleep apnea can occur as one of the side effects.

Meanwhile, Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is drawing its attention to the rib cartilage harmony rhinoplasty, since it prevents the loss of teeth, and at the same time improves the mid-face depression, thus resolving the nose problems.

Ideal Candidates for Harmony Rhinoplasty

01   People who want to achieve a harmonized profile view

02   People with a short, low, bulbous, and wide nose

03   People with a protruded mouth

04   People with a retruded chin

05   People with a flat forehead

06   People with deep nasolabial folds (laugh lines)

07   People who are considering a secondary (revision) rhinoplasty

08   People who already used the septal and ear cartilage from the previous rhinoplasty

09   People who are suffering from the previous rhinoplasty’s side effects

10   People who do not wish to insert foreign implants in their body

Harmony Rhinoplasty Surgery Point

01   Low possibility of infection since the material is a naturally harvested rib cartilage.

02   Rib cartilage has a strong supporting strength and durability to support the nose structure.

03   Rib cartilage can be harvested a good amount.

04   Mouth protrusion is corrected.

05   The facial profile is balanced by rhinoplasty and mid-face augmentation.

06   Mid-face area (basement of the nose) is projected out.

07   Cheekbones look smaller.

08   Achieve the ‘double-jaw surgery’ like result without going through actual major surgery.

09   Creates a sophisticated and natural profile view.

10   Harmony rhinoplasty includes a rhinoplasty and a mid-face augmentation.

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