“What Is Breast Reduction?”

Breast reduction is for women who are concerned about the the excess size of breasts which can potentially cause a back pain, shoulder pain, and sagging breasts when aging. The breast reduction is classified by incision method, removal method, and blood flow maintaining method.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    3-4 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    7-10 Days
  • Recovery Time :    8-12 Days

Breast Reduction Surgery Method

Incision Around the Areola

Incision Around the Areola (Breast Reduction Surgery Method)

The boundary of the areola is incised, mammary tissues and fats are removed and the incised area is sutured. As scars remain only around the borders of the areola, this leaves minimum scarring and maintains the natural shape and size of breasts. The surgery is relatively simple and has quick recovery time. The incision around the areola is used for small amount of reduction and young women

Areola and Vertical Combination Incision

Areola and Vertical Combination Incision (Breast Reduction Surgery Method)

The areola and Vertical incision allows removing a lot of mammary tissues and lifts the sagging breasts.

Areola and T-Cut Combination Incision

Areola and T-Cut Combination Incision (Breast Reduction Surgery Method)

The Areola and T-cut Combination Incision is most commonly used for breast reduction. The Areola and T-cut incision combines the advantages and improves the disadvantages of the existing incision methods for breast reduction. It is considered the best among the developed methods so far. The Areola and T-cut incision is carefully sutured and leaves a minimal scar on the bottom of the breast line and removes the desired amount of breast tissue. Out of all methods, the largest amounts of mammary tissue, fat, and skin are removed after an incision around the areola along with a 4-5cm incision from the areola to the inframammary fold, a boundary of where the breast and the chest meet. This method can be applied to any breast size, allowing a large amount of reduction with a minimum scar. The operation time is relatively reduced, as the incision line is small, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, round and ample breast shape.

Liposuction Method

Liposuction Method (Breast Reduction Surgery Method)

Compared to other incision methods, this liposuction method does not leave a visible scarring. However, this method does not remove a lot of mammary tissues and fats. Liposuction method is for people who are looking for a moderate change in reducing the breast size.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction

01   who desire to reduce the breast size

02   People who have neck pain and back pain due to heavy breasts weight

03   People who have skin reactions such as rash under the breast line

04   People who wear bigger cloth size than the actual size due to large breasts

05   People who are concerned of sagging breasts

Breast Reduction Surgery Point

01   Breastfeeding is possible after the surgery.

02   The doctor carefully sutures to result in a minimal incision.

03   The vertical incision creates a circular and voluminous breast shape.

04   The sensation remains the same or slightly reduces after the surgery depending on the condition.

05   The surgery effectively removes the sagging skin under the breasts and gives a lifting effect.

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