“What Is Male Rhinoplasty?”

Male rhinoplasty is growing in demand and the main goal is to refine its shape. Many men consider this surgery due to a deviation in the nose and having difficulties in breathing that is from the physical injury or sports injury. Male Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery designed for a charismatic nose shape with a straight and wide nose bridge.

Doctor’s Message

“There is a definite difference between the male and female nose shape. The male nose should be charismatic whereas the female nose should be elegant and refined. In VIP, we acknowledge this difference and strive to suit the charismatic image for men.”

In the frontal view, male noses have a straight and wide nose bridge. The tip of the male nose is more bulbous and straight. The female noses have a narrow nose with curved line, more elevated and less bulbous nose tip. The ideal nasolabial angle (the angle between lips and columella) is 90°-95° for men and 95°-100° for women, which means that the male nostrils are less visible than those of female.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    2-3 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    0-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    5 Days
  • Recovery Time :    10 Days

Male Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

The main reason for the male rhinoplasty is a deformation of the septal cartilage. A deviated nose due to an accident or innateness is because the septal cartilage is not structurally formed straight. Since the septal cartilage is the main pillar of the nose, it is not possible to correct the deviated nose without correcting the septal cartilage. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the osseous septum and cartilage deep inside the nose to correct the deformed septal cartilage. After this procedure, the nose bridge can be augmented and the tip can be arranged.

For Male rhinoplasty, the autologous tissue is often used for several reasons. General surgeries using foreign implants such as a silicone implant often have side effects and shows the implant through the skin easily. Therefore, autologous cartilage rhinoplasty (ear cartilage, septal cartilage, and rib cartilage) is highly recommended at VIP for a natural result since these materials are naturally harvested from the patient’s body. As time goes by, the autologous cartilages will fully incorporate into the body as if it originally belonged there. Most importantly, autologous cartilages are the safest materials that have minimal side effects such as inflammation, infection, and contraction among rhinoplasty materials.

Ideal Candidates for Male Rhinoplasty

01   People who have a deformation of the nose due to a physical accident

02   People with a congenitally crooked nose

03   People who have an undeveloped nose due to an accident

04   People with a bent and stuffy nose due to nasal septal deviation

05   People with a wide alar base

06   People with a wide and big nostrils

07   People with a weak and upturned nose

08   People with a feminine nose after the primary surgery without any charismatic attraction

09   People who are unsatisfied with the nose after deviated septal correction surgery

Male Rhinoplasty Surgery Point

01   The goal of a male rhinoplasty is to create a charismatic nose for men.

02   The surgery corrects a deviation of the nasal septum.

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