“What Is Simple Rhinoplasty?”

Simple Rhinoplasty uses a septal cartilage for the structure, an ear cartilage for the nose tip, and a silicone implant for the bridge.The silicone implant may or may not be used for the rhinoplasty depending on the patient’s condition and preference. The dermis and fascia may be used if necessary. This surgery is recommended for the people who wish to retain the original nose angle but who wish to enhance the height of the nose.

Doctor’s Message

Most patients know this as an “ear cartilage for nasal tip, septal cartilage for structure, silicone for the nasal bridge.” Simple Rhinoplasty is a simple nose surgery for people who want to keep the original overall nose angle but who wish to improve their aesthetic nose line.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    IV Sedation or General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    0-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    5 Days
  • Recovery Time :    10 Days

Simple Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

Simple Rhinoplasty Surgery Method (Septal Cartilage)

STEP  01 Refining the shape of a harvested septal cartilage, create supporting pillars in the tip, columella, and alar areas.
Simple Rhinoplasty Surgery Method (Septal Cartilage or Silicon Implant)

STEP  02 If there is an excess amount of the septal cartilage, create a structure for a nose bridge. If necessary, partially use a silicone implant for the nose bridge. This step augments the height of the nose bridge.
Simple Rhinoplasty Surgery Method (Ear Cartilage)

STEP  03 To create more natural appearance in the nasal tip, harvest an ear cartilage and insert at the tip. (If septal cartilage has a good amount, septal cartilage can be used instead.)

How Is the Ear Cartilage Used for the Simple Rhinoplasty?

The ear cartilage has been used for nose surgery since long ago, mainly to cover the silicone at the nose tip. Ear cartilage is harvested from the ears. Due to its small amount and curvy shape, it is mostly used for the nose tip. It is important not to use up all the ear cartilage for the primary rhinoplasty because an ear cartilage is required when performing a revision or constructive nose surgery. The ear cartilage is now used to create a nose tip or when there is not enough septal cartilage, taking the advantage of its anatomical figure. It is used for crooked nose and for augmenting the overall nose, covered by fascia. As the ear cartilage is curved, it is not suitable for the strut to support the nasal tip and used mainly for graft in the nasal tip to strengthen the tip.

5 Advantages of Using the Septal Cartilage

01   Since the septal cartilage is naturally harvested, there are no side effects due to using a foreign implant.

02   The nose tip appears natural.

03   Wide nostrils become oval.

04   The proportion of the nostrils and the upper part of the nose tip approaches the ideal ratio of 2:1.

05   The wide alar base becomes narrower without the incision method.

Ideal Candidates for the Simple Rhinoplasty

01   People who want to enhance the nose line

02   People who do not want a dramatic change

03   People who wish to retain the same nose angle but wish to have a higher bridge

04   People who want’s simple nose surgery

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