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I don’t usually provide reviews but when I do it is for those
rare and extraordinary experience where the services rendered was beyond exceptional
and one that surpassed even my high personal expectation. The reason for writing
such a detail review is the responsibility that I feel in sharing with others
who are contemplating plastic surgery so that they can pick the best doctor
from the get-go.  Dr Lee and his team
really IS the Rolls Royce of plastic surgery and I want to advise all to consider
VIP as your choice – it will be the best investment you can make for yourself.


I am an international patient from the US who went to see Dr.
Lee for rhinoplasty. I was very unhappy with my crooked nose stem and upturned
bunny-nose nostrils or as I call it the pig nose syndrome. A close fried of
mine referred me to Dr. Lee and has nothing but positive things to say about
her experience.  She had a revision
rhinoplasty where the first doctor ruined her deviated septum nose with the gortex
implant. Listening to my friend’s constant gush of positive reviews, I decided
to check it out for myself.


I am one to admit that I am a perfectionist who is
relentless in my pursuit of perfection with my obsessive attention to detail
trait.  Thus, for my initial consultation,
I flew from US to Korea for 2 days just to get a first hand feel with Dr. Lee
and his staff.  From the moment I made
the appointment, the first-class treatment began. They picked me up from the
airport, dropped me at my hotel and drove me to the clinic. I spent an hour
with the staff, letting her know exactly what I want and what my worries
were.  Then I met with Dr. Lee who
examined my nose and answered all the questions I have.  I was impressed they didn’t throw me out the
door since I was asking questions incessantly. 
They provided simulations to show me the what the final result post-surgery
could be.


Post consultation, I informed them that I need more time to research
on rhinoplasty and draw up my version of the ideal nose to fix the pig nostrils
I was supporting then.  After a couple of
months, I called them and set up the Nov surgery date.  The clinic set me up with accommodation and airport
pick-up service.  I went back in for my
second consultation with Dr. Lee and I came back with 2 pages worth of
questions for him.  I am grateful for his
patience and sense of humor as he entertained every single question I have for
him.  The staff sat with me the whole
time to further assist should I need additional help in translation.  Dr. Lee explained in detailed steps on what
he would to do my nose, where the implants would go and the reason for every of
the surgical step mentioned.  While I am
satisfied with the answers, I felt some guilt for being such a “picky” patient.


Due to their professionalism, I decided on the spot to do
ptosis eye surgery to correct for my lazy eye. 
I met with Dr. Song Hyung Min who performs the eye surgery.  His temperament and patience is almost
identical to Dr. Lee.  I wanted to go the
route of extra conservatism – to obtain the natural eye look.  But he took the time to advise me that for my
case, it would be better to venture a bit further.  I was glad that I took his advice.  The result of my ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty
is no less than perfect. I have 0 complain and it came out exactly what I had
wanted.  Looking back, had I not taken
his advice, I will definitely be wallowing in regret with the too conservative


Back to my rib cartilage rhinoplasty, I was nervous as I made
this trip alone.  Every nurse in the
clinic gave me reassurance every step of the way.  The director of the clinic even stayed by the
surgery room during my eye surgery.  Their
eagerness in making me feel at ease is something that I was grateful for as I know
I am not the easiest patient to host. 


And I believe what sets Dr. Lee and his clinic apart is
their post-surgery aftercare.  They put
me in the clinic and monitored me every few hours.  They put a panic button in my hand as soon as
I was transported to the recovery room and told me that they are just a step
away.  I caught a cold with dry cough as
soon as I was done with surgery.  The clinic
took really good care of me as I was having extra pain on the chest due to the incessant
coughing and sneezing.  I am happy to say
that I pick this clinic. The result on my rhinoplasty is no less than
amazing!  Whatever requests I have made during
the consultation was honored by Dr. Lee and it definitely showed in the result.  Initially I panicked as it seemed that my
nose was “thick and chunky”.  Dr. Lee
patiently explained that it was due to swelling.  And true enough, after a week, some of the
severe swelling subsided and I was able to see the awesome result of Dr. Lee’s
work.  I know that I made the right
investment by going to see Dr. Lee and trusting him with my nose. 


I hope that this review can help many who are now contemplating
plastic surgery.  Please do your homework
and ensure that you do no revision as revision surgery only brings more damage
to your face.





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