“What Is Magic Epicanthoplasty and Mongolian Fold?”

The epicanthal fold is a small web of tissue overlapping the nasal corner of the eye, which is seen typically in the Mongoloid race. This Mongolian fold covers the inner core of eyes which gives a dull image of your face and a distant between your eyes. When making Mongolian-folded eyes bigger, the medial canthoplasty makes eyes big and more well-defined.

Doctor’s Message

“Discovering the hidden 1-2mmof the eyes could open up your appearance clearer and create bigger eyes.”

There is a hidden space in an individual’s eyes. Understanding this hidden space and performing the canthoplasty could give a dramatic change in terms of image of your face.

The Mongolian fold surgery, known as Epicanthoplasty, is to lengthen the eyes through finding the originally inborn length of the eye. It is not artificially lengthening it, because the inner of the eye becomes visible by removing the overlapped skin.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    30 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type :    Local Anesthesia or IV Sedation
  • Hospitalization :    None
  • Stitch Removal :    4-7 Days
  • Recovery Time :    1-2 Days

Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery Method

Steps for Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery

STEP  01
Design Magic Epicanthoplasty
Steps for Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery

STEP  02
Follow the design line and incise the Mongolian fold in the inner corner eyes.
Steps for Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery

STEP  03
Incise excess skin around the Mongolian folds
Steps for Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery

STEP  04
Fix and suture near the eyelashes to cover the scarring.

Ideal Candidates for Magic Epicanthoplasty

01   Who has Mongolian folds

02   Short horizontal eye distance

03   Wide distance between two eyes

04   Who has a dull image

05   Who has a fierce image due to front corner of the eyes

Magic Epicanthoplasty Surgery Point

01   Minimize the scarring by VIP surgery method which is further developed than the traditional Epicanthoplasty surgery method.

02   Create bigger and softer appearance by adjusting the angle of the front inner eyes.

03   The medial canthoplasty creates longer and bigger eyes.

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