Excellent Surgical Care and Extensive Aftercare

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Dear VIP Team,

We had a wonderful visit to Seoul, all due
to your professionalism, excellent surgical care, and extensive of after takecare.
We were really impressed by our entire experience with VIP, from our initial
contact with Lynn earlier this year, through our first meetings with Dr. Lee
and Dr. Song, to the care provided by Dr. Park, Mrs. Kim, Joann, Sue and the
nurses and theoreticians. We felt confident that we were  in capable hands every step of the way.

We look forward to recommending VIP to
others who are considering the plastic surgery in South Korea, and we would be
happy to serve as a personal reference to any Americans who would like to ask
about our experience.


Thanks, too, for picking us up from the
airport, treating us to a delicious Korean dinner our first night home and
letting us stay in the apartment for our whole visit, The apartment living in
such a great location gone us a flavor for living in Seoul that we wouldn’t have
gotten from a hotel. Your generosity made us feel really prepared!


Other inquiries:

Tel +82 64 713 1007

Fax +82 64 749 1113

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