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South Korea is the ultimate destination for the people who are looking for a beauty and self-discovery. Jeju is one of the most lively and brightest cities in the world. The city is full of K-pop culture, K-beauty, food, and foreigners who blend in with Korean creating a diverse culture. Since 2001, our international center has been engaging with the clients discovering their hidden beauty in the most natural and advanced way. We are one of the first autologous tissue centers in Korea; our primary principle is to use the safest and natural material for the best result. At VIP, our staffs are passionate in the field of beauty, service, and medical field. We are proud to present ourselves as cosmetic healthcare staffs at the leading plastic surgery center in Korea.

At VIP, we believe in the power of the people. With artistic minds and great teamwork, VIP staffs treat each other with a respected manner and provide the best work environment for our staff to bring out a full potential. Regardless of the countries and our clinic location, we are always opened to recruiting people who are ready to walk on the journey with us. With your CV letter and introduction, feel free to email us at for your job inquiry at VIP International Plastic Surgery Center.

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  • Friendly and positive
  • Great “people” skill
  • Confident or have an experience in the field of the customer service
  • Highly interested in the beauty and medical field
  • Multilingual skill is a plus

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If you would like to receive VIP doctor’s comments regarding your interested treatment or surgeries, feel free to contact us via mobile messenger app. Please let us know your interested areas with clear photos (front and side) for a free online consultation. Your photos will be privately used for consultation purposes only.

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