Tumescent Liposuction

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tumescent liposuction – 3 areas I am a Caucasian teacher working in Korea, who underwent lipo in January 2012, on my inner and outer thighs, and on my lower abdomen in January 2012, . When I went in for my procedure, I weighed 77.7 kg, and 3 months after my surgery, I weight 67.7 kg. This was a combination of the lipo AND of my own eating and diet regimen. I waited a while before placing a review because I wanted to make sure I was happy with the results. My overly exaggerated saddlebags are virtually gone, along with my lower pouch. Because of my previous excessive weight loss (50kg before doing plastic surgery), I have loose skin on my legs and stomach. However, when I decide to address this skin issue, I will return to VIP, as I trust the surgeon, the nursing staff, and the front desk staff. My reason for choosing VIP: – I went to 4 clinics in Seoul for consultations. VIP was the cleanest, had the most personable staff, was forthright with information on the surgeon’s qualifications, offered a competitive price, and allowed me to ask numerous questions. – As a foreigner with no family in Korea, the clinic has both an apartment for out-of-country patients and a floor with rooms for patients who need to be looked after. I stayed for 2 nights, and was provided my own room and the attention of the nursing staff to monitor my progress. -After 8 months, I noticed a slight difference in leg size (this was present before surgery as well); as I brought this to Dr. Lee’s attention, he asked me to wait the obligatory amount of time to allow the swelling to completely subside, and then he did a complimentary revision. – Finally, the front desk staff is fluent in English and very hospitable, and the nursing staff was beyond attentive to me I’m very happy with my choice to go with VIP.


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