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Dear Dr. Lee; A year has passed since I visited your clinic and wanted to let you know that I have healed as predicted and am very happy with the results from the surgery that included: High-SMAS facelift High-SMAS necklift Lower eyelid blepharoplasty Upper eyelid blepharoplasty Full-face fat graft Your clinic provided exceptional service and I would highly recommend VIPPS to others. Chloe, in your support division was my main point of contact after I began emailing your clinic. Her excellent knowledge of the English language, her patient manner, and her ability to explain all the details to me contributed greatly to my decision in selecting your clinic. During my visit, Chloe provided continuous communication with me and frequently checked up on my status and offered assistance going above and beyond. I managed many people during my career in Public Affairs and must say Chloe was exceptional to work with. Jen assisted me when Chloe was out of the office and provided very good support and also spoke perfect English. Under JoAnn뭩 tutelage, your staff was really wonderful to work with! Both of you provided great support and assistance with your daily consultations. Your facility was very nice and very clean. I greatly appreciated being able to stay in accommodations close by the clinic and arranged by your team. This eliminated a great deal of stress on my part when I planned my journey to Seoul. I would highly recommend VIPPS clinic and both of you and truly thank you for the wonderful results of my surgery! Warmest regards,


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