Revision Double Eyelid Surgery!

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Hi Everyone, It’s been about 5 years since I had my double eyelid surgery at VIP. I went to VIP for a revision surgery because from my previous surgery (which was a non-incision method at a different hospital) my eyelid got loosen up and I needed a revision job. The doctor told me that my previous surgery did not correct ptosis symptom and suggested me to have incision double eyelid with ptosis correction surgery. I was afraid since I knew that incision will make me swell even more than the non-incision, but went for it hoping for a long term result. Although I did swell somewhat right after the surgery, looking back at it, it was well worth the wait. around 5 years now since the surgery, my eyes look super natural and everyone comments how pretty my eyes are (they can’t even imagine how I had double eyelid surgery lol) I don’t think my eyes will ever loosen up again like last time. Everyone at VIP is super friendly and helpful, especially the two managers. I am actually going back to VIP for nose job this summer. I will share my nose job experience later too!


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