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 - True VIP Experience

We have a truly VIP experience by the doctors, management, and staff of VIP. My family of 3 (Wife – major operation, Son – nose job, and myself – laser and minor operation for aged spots & moles) are amazed with the high standards, care, concern and support from everyone at VIP (including the cook who provided food for the lived – in patients.) Exchanging conversations with other patients who had done previous cosmetic surgeries from elsewhere, we are comforted that we have chosen VIP. The daily checkups, facials, availability of hair wash facility make up part of the VIP treatment. The other plus points surely must be the staff who are always on hand patiently to meet our needs and queries.  

Special thanks to Joann, Chloe, and Dr. Lee, Song, Park, and all their medical team. 


26. 10. 2017


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