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Ever since I was little, I was always a fat girl, and got bullied from school because of obesity. For many years, I tried lemon diet, no carb diet (atkins diet), special Chinese diet medication, fat removing injection, and many more but even with constant workout, I couldn’t reach my ideal healthy body shape. After searching so much online, I decided to have liposuction in Korea. VIP’s service was outstanding; most of them spoke either English or Chinese, which was very convenient for me. I did not have any communication problem in a country that I’ve never been to. They picked me up from the airport, and the room that I was staying was very clean. The hospital itself was very modern and well organized. After consulting with JoAnn, the manager of VIP, I got to meet Dr. Lee. After consulting with him, I was able to tell that he was a very experienced doctor. I decided to have liposuction on abs, love handle, thighs, and calves. Since I was asleep during the surgery from anesthesia, I did not feel any pain. The pain only lasted for few hours right after the surgery and after that I only had minor pain. Every 2 or 3 days they did high frequency treatment to prevent any lump. All the staffs there were very caring with after surgery care. Dr. Lee told me to work out in order to prevent any side effects or regain of the fat. He told me that liposuction surgery is a beginning of changing my whole life habit. As I came back to the States 3 months ago, I’ve been doing yoga and other exercises to tone up my body. I’ve stopped eating fast food and am trying to keep healthier diet. All my friends and family were impressed by how I can become so fit. I am glad that I made a right choice to undergo this surgery in Korea. I would like to thank Dr. Lee and all other staffs for making my time in Korea very pleasant. Thank you VIP and I wish you all the best! love, C. Chen


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