My revision double eyelid surgery

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Hello, VIP staff Do you remember me? When I visited the clinic recently, you guys were all surprised to see my beautiful eyes. 🙂 Two years ago, I had my eye surgery at the other clinic in Gangnam. Before I decided, I found many clinics in Korea with variable prices and techniques. Even though plastic surgery is the most important process to change my image, I didn’t want to spend that much money for my surgery, so I decided to proceed at cheaper clinic. This was clearly a bad idea. The surgery didn’t succeed and my eyes became asymmetrical and scars were obvious. I was upset every time my friends stared at my eyes, and commented that my eyes were better before with mono eyelid. One day, I scratched my eyes very little and my left eye became mono eyelid, and my right eye became triple eyelid. It was horrible and I urgently searched Korea plastic surgery center again. After multiple consultations in Korea, I decided to have my 2nd eye surgery at VIP. During the consultation, unlike other clinics, doctor was very friendly to explain all my questions and had confident to his surgery. At first, I told him that I want a bold and thick eye lids. (like pan bingbing) However, he said every patient has eyes they will look good on (harmony face as they call) and if I proceed thick eye lids, I would look very awkward and obvious. I decided to do in-out eyelid, opening in front eyes, and ptosis, which helps me to open my eyes without using forehead muscle. He then explained very well with scientific reasons about the process and with some pictures. I appreciate to doctor who spent extensive time for me and explaining every question. During my surgery… I was very nervous that I was sweating a lot. And I didn’t see who it was, but one nurse came over and held my hands until the surgery was done. I felt so warm and was able to relax… Thank you so much.. After my surgery, my eyes were swollen due to lots of fat and thick skin. I asked JoAnn a multiple times. She listened to me carefully and as she told me, even after six months my eyes became very natural. Thank you JoAnn for listening to me, and taking care of me! VIP did not seem like a clinic that treats patient like a factory manufacture. Every staff from Doctors to care takers knew who I was and I received the best service in the clinic. I also had skin care at VIP and shampoo service. Almost all staffs knew how to speak English or Chinese, so it was very convenient for me. Now, my eyes have minimal scars and wonderful eyes like Korean celebrities. (soft and glowing eyes) It looks so natural! I love to put make up on my face, and when I do so, everyone says my eyes were very shiny and beautiful. They never asked me where I’ve done my eyes. When I tell them I’ve done my eyes, they do not believe at first. My boyfriend and some of my friends still do not know about my eye surgery… 😉 Surgery fee spent on VIP surgery was worth it and I wish to do nose job at VIP because I’ve found out that Dr. Lee has phenomenal technique on nose surgery… Can’t wait to visit again! Thank you so much!!


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