My surgery trip in Korea

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It was hard to choose which clinic to go at first since there are too many clinics in Korea especially in Seoul. I sent a lot of emails to many clinics and vip was the only one answered all my questions. Doctors and everybody were very nice and kind to me. I felt really comfortable during my stay in vip. I went through cheekbone and jaw reduction surgeries with belly liposuction. It was really hard for the first 3 days since I couldn’t eat anything because of the pain in my mouth. I also had to wear the compression garment after the liposuction surgery and it was painful as well. I just though that I had to overcome all this time with pain and uncomfortable feelings to become pretty and slim. Chloe and Jin were very helpful during my recovery. I always asked them same questions which I already know the answers but to comfort myself, I had to ask over and over to be sure that when my swelling and pain will go away. I really thank them now. I think it was good to have facial bone surgeries with liposuction at the same time since I lost quite a bit of weight within a month since I couldn’t eat so much. haha. Really thank all of the staff in vip. Love you all!!


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