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 - I love you VIP! - I love you VIP!

Hello! I am very glad to share my story with you, hoping that anyone who had the same complex as me would get encouraged. Ever since I was young, my nose was tilted which gave me a masculine impression. It was my complex throughout my life and my sister always told me that they would someday fix my nose. But I was really scared of getting a plastic surgery, and was not planning to get one until I found VIP. My friend highly recommended to get a consulting from VIP, so I went to see what they could do for me. I found out that I had a deviated nasal septum which was a major cause of my rhinitis. On top of that, I really wanted to get my tilted nose get fixed straight so on that day, I decided to get the surgery. Because it was a sudden decision, I got really nervous and scared but the staffs and nurses helped me to calm down and told me to have no worries. After a quick test, I got the surgery. Dr. Lee and Dr. Song were very caring and I was very thankful to have them fix my nose. I was worried to cut out the cartilage from my ear, but they told me that they only used the cartilage from my nose because it was enough. I didn’t have any problem with anesthesia, and my swollen face came back normal after few days. I went to VIP everyday to get checked after the surgery. When they were changing the gauze inside my nose to a new one , the nurses gave me their warm hands to grab on when it hurt. The staffs in VIP were like a family, they greeted me with a smile and always cared for me. They washed my hair for me too!!! They all felt like they are my sisters and aunts and I was very thankful to have them in the clinic. The managers were very nice and kind, and they really looked after me. Though it was very tiring and hard for me to deal with the nose with hoses inside, and a stabilizer attached to my nose after the surgery for few days, I was able to bear the hardships because they were there to help me overcome it. Now it’s been 3 months after the surgery, and I am living with a very pretty nose with a straight nasal septum, and everyone that sees me tell me that I became so pretty. But they don’t recognize that I got a plastic surgery because my nose looks so natural!!! I love, love love love that I made the decision to get my nose fixed in VIP, and I am very very thankful to have met VIP family. I am so thankful to have a new life with a new pretty nose with no problem of rhinitis, and my self-confidence is coming back to me again!!! I am very happy to have a face with no more masculine impression!! 🙂 Thank you for reading my LONG essay, but if I summarize all this in one sentence, I would say.. I am very happy to have met VIP, and I have no regret but only feel so thankful that I made the decision to straighten my nose in VIP!! Thank you so much !!!!!! I will visit you when I go back to Korea again 🙂 +I attached before/after pictures of my nose!


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