Rhinoplasty at VIP beauty Korea 2013

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Hi, I’m Chinese and I’m from London. Ever since I was about 14-15 I had always wanted to have a nose job, my wish was to have a western looking nose but my parents never approved as I was far too young . Many years later my dreams came true….. About 18 months ago I was searching the internet googling for cosmetic surgeries in Korea, why I chose Korea??? Cos they’re the best and believe me the cosmetic clinic I chose is THE BEST!!!!! I looked at over 20 clinics, their reviews, before and after photos but my mind was set on this clinic called VIP Beauty- Korea I emailed the clinic and received a reply the following day. The consultant that dealt with my emails spoke fluent English and was immensely friendly and helpful. After several emails an appointment for my rhinoplasty was arranged for July 17th 2013. Arrived Tuesday 16th July picked up at the airport and driven to VIP clinic. There I was greeted with warm and friendly staff met my consultant Chloe, Joanne manager at VIP and several other members of the clinic made me feel very welcomed. My entire stay at VIP after the rhinoplasty were 12 days. During that time I was treated exactly like a VIP. Every single member of the team were so friendly and attentive. I remember waking up from the anaesthetic feeling drowsy and thirsty being given a drink by a member of the kitchen staff. She was so kind and helpful I don’t think I will ever forget her. Dr. Lee the surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty is AWESOME’!!!! Not only did he give me the nose I’ve always longed for, he’s caring and makes you feel at ease. Overall the entire member at the clinic ie Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, Chloe, Joanne, all the nurses and assistance were amazing. I am thrilled with my new nose just love it!! Unfortunately due to work I have not been able to go back to the clinic this year but I remember promising Dr. Lee I would have my before and after photos taken for their website so look forward to seeing you all next summer 🙂 XX Nina


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