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My neck lift I was in the contracting business in Yokosuka, Japan for 6 years and never had a problem with my confidence until i noticed a drooping skin on my neck in my 50’s. I thought the rest of me was still beautiful but the saggy skin began to affect the way I felt about myself. When I decided to have a necklift, 2 of my co workers that had done their surgery referred me to consult with Dr Lee of VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul Korea. At present Korea is rated as the leading and excellent country in plastic surgery. I flew to Korea and meet with Dr Lee he is one of the most caring, respectful, artistic, and dedicated doctor. The office staff is superb and outstanding, Ms Joanne the Clinic Manager who walked me through the proecess after the consultation, Ms Chole who lived in Japan for many years her customer service and knowledge about the procedure is excellent. Everybody from the office is able to comprehend including the cleaning and cooking ajima. I couldn’t be happier. After my surgery not only does my face look thinner and refreshed, i look years younger. I know I will continue to look better as I heal and cant wait to see the final result. I say I had no pain during and just after surgery would be truthful but as for the overall experience, the pain was much less than I expected. A great procedure that yields amazing results. Thank you Dr Lee I’m very satisfied with my results – this whole process has been th emost positive and life changing experience ever! Sincerely, Jill of Japan


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