Major Rib cartilage rhinoplasty

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Hi, I am Rosanna from Italy, living in Sweden. I do not know where to begin really, I am just so grateful and happy that I found Dr. Lee; he will forever be my hero. If I choose to do anything kind of procedure in the future, Dr. Lee will be my natural and first choice. With his phenomenal technique, he totally reshaped my dysfunctional and deviated nose and transformed it into a perfectly functional and beautiful normal nose. If I choose to do anything kind of procedure in the future, Dr. Lee will be my natural and first choice. He is absolutely a 10 (and more) out of 10. A wonderfully skilled surgeon. I also want to express my gratitude towards fabulous JoAnn, the general manager of VIP, and her fantastic staff. Thank you so much JoAnn for taking care of me! I had my rib cartilage rhinoplasty (secondary) at VIP in the beginning of March this year. My problem began over 10 years ago when I stupid enough decided to fix my, at that time, Roman nose, with a “bump”. I did my homework, I thought, and booked for surgery at a Swedish clinic in Stockholm. The procedure was supposed to be minor but this Swedish surgeon totally “butchered” my nose and carved off excessively much of my nose bridge, which led to a non-normal looking, so-called saddle nose. About one year after surgery I unfortunately bumped into a glass-door and heard a “crack”, this accident may have caused the deviation but I am not sure. I went back to the surgeon a couple of years later and told him about my concerns, but he just ignored me and suggested me to do a tip-rhinoplasty at my own cost. At that time, I accepted the fact, but with time, it started to bother me a lot. However, I did not want anyone to touch my nose ever again so I just let the years pass without doing anything. Before I decided to travel all the way to Seoul, I did a thorough research, I went to multiple clinics and consultation in Sweden to get help with my problem but their answer was more or less: “you have to live with it, your nose is ok and the only thing we can do is to prescribe some cortisone spray”. None of them gave me the right diagnosis, probably because they did not have the right skills. I have no confidence in Swedish plastic surgeons what so ever. Since I did not find any surgeon in Sweden, I started to look abroad and ended up in Paris, with a well-known and skilled surgeon. I went there for consultation and he gave me the “rough” and honest truth. He said I had to undergo a complicated rhinoplasty with ear cartilage as support. I asked the French doctor about the aftercare and he told me that after surgery they would send the patients home, just to come back after 6 days. I was not at all comfortable with that answer. I was shocked hearing about the complexity of my case and took time to digest it all; I did not book for surgery. I continued my research and found out that ear cartilage, in cases like mine, was not an option. The best was to use rib cartilage. I widened my research to include the whole world and found my hero Dr. Lee, one of the top surgeons in the world. How glad am I not now? There are not enough words to express my gratitude toward these amazing, and skilled people. I consulted Dr. Lee via email, sending him my pictures. He gave me the exact same “diagnosis” as the French surgeon, just looking at the photos. I thought; “amazing if Dr. Lee can see what needs to be done just looking at the photos, he must be really, really good”. And he is! What made me decide to go for it was the fact that Dr. Lee seemed to be a highly skilled doctor, along with the after care. I felt safe and booked for surgery right away. Apart the surgery itself the whole “package” experience you get is incredible, the after care is extraordinary. I stayed in Seoul for 14 days and I saw the doctor every day for checking my nose. I got swelling treatment (laser treatment and a wonderful facemask) every morning, along with shampoo service. VIP is not a clinic that treats patient like a factory manufacture. Every staff from Doctors to care takers knew who I was and I received the best service in the clinic. They are highly organized with every detail, the nurses and the front desk staff are amazing and they really do treat you like family. Almost all staff speak English. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much!


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