Gigantic nose

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I was born with a gigantic nose and was always self-conscious about it. I was teased when i was younger and didnt feel pretty when i was older. In high school, I was the girl that no one wanted to kiss or sit with at lunch. The ugly duckling per day. My parents refused to let me get a nose job as they said You look pretty just the way you are which made me feel worse because I simply did not agree (or at least on the outside based upon my appearance and profile). From the moment I became legal and had a job of my own, I saved every penny I could and at the age of 25, I had finally saved up enough money to take the plunge. Let me tell you, regardless of the pain (and boy was there pain) and family’s disapproval, it was the best decision I ever made for myself. For the first time in my life, I’m happy with my appearance and walk with confidence and my head held high. Thank you for my cousin who was in the military and home base in Seoul Korea (as we know Korea is most advance and updated in cosmetic surgery) she made me consulted to the VIP clinic in Gangnam Seoul Korea. First time I met with Dr Lee and Dr Song and I knew my life change drastically to a good one. It’s been six months now and I’m back to US and I can’t stop looking at the mirror how beautiful and natural Dr Lee fix it beautifully and natural. I also thank you the support of the two managers Ms Joanne, Ms Kim, and Chole for all my anxiety to do the surgery and answer all my doubts and hold my hands all the time. I miss my second family in Seoul Korea. Love Susana


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