Fat graft injection

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It has been my problem the sunken cheek and coming here in Korea working in the military I discover there is a way to improve my concern. I browse the clinics around Seoul Korea and surprisingly found Dr Lee of VIP international cosmetic surgery center. I called in for consultation appt and after the examination the best recommendation of Dr is to have Fat graft injection. Its very simple procedure with pain level almost to zero. In 3 days after the swelling get down its a huge improvement of the hollowness of my whole face. It is very safe and semi-permanent way to restore the youthfulness look in my face. I will repeat the procedure in the near future and go back to VIP for the fat graft injection again. It is not only the doctor I like to thank but the whole staff of VIP they were courteous to greet and take care of me while doing my treatment. The clinic is immaculate clean and well ventilated. Lizbeth Robinson Chicago USA


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