Revision nose Job with Dr. Lee

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Hi everyone, I am a pharmacist from USA. Six years has passed since I had my nose revision (rib cartilage)and chin augmentation done in Feb 2011 at the VIP clinic. I owe the Dr. Lee and his clinic an honest review of his work. The purpose of my review is to show my appreciation to Dr. Lee and his clinic not for any kind of complimentary gifts. Prior to my nose job, I had spent a lot of time searching for a reputable cosmetic clinic in rhinoplasty; and I am glad I chose VIP clinic. At present, I am still very satisfied with the results. Every day looking at my nose, my chin, I remember Dr. Lee with gratefulness. Blessing him, such a skillful, kind hearted doctor! Great customer service was what I had during 3-weeks stay at the clinic. His staff was warm, friendly, courteous. Joanne, Dr. Lee’s beauty consultant was very helpful, gracious, generous, and understanding. If anyone considers going to VIP clinic, please listen to her advices. I am glad that I did. I give the VIP clinic a five star plus on quality of service.


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