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Hello from Malaysia, I want to share my story. I got my eyes and nose done in VIP. My friends always told me I look tired or just woke up from a sleep. So I decided to get plastic surgery so I can be happy again. I had consultation with Dr.Lee and Dr.Song. My nose was too short for silicone nose again so I got rib cartilage rhino. I had nose surgery long time ago but there was no change. My eyes have double eyelid but not pretty because they were sunken. I trust both doctors and did eyelid surgery and brow lift and rib cartilage rhino. First day after nose surgery was uncomfortable but I had painkiller so it was okay. I stayed for 13 days in Korea. While in Korea, I saw doctor everyday for checking my nose and eyes. I got swelling care with Won Ju every morning. For swelling I did icepacks as they told me and drank pumpkin juice from phamacy. Thank you Chloe for my questions with nose and eyes. Other VIP people are also very nice. Thank you Dr.Lee, Dr. Song, nurses, Won Ju, Jin, Elena and other Chinese translator. I’m still swollen but I like result already. Next time I will go to VIP again with my friend. Many thank you thank you.


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