love my nose! Thank you Dr. Lee!

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Please let me start by saying that I never write reviews, but I realize that many people rely on testimonials as research for their desired procedures.  I am now writing this review so those doing their research know how phenomenal Dr. Lee’s work is.  He is truly a pioneer in his field, as his developed technique of rhinoplasty produces amazingly natural looking results.  Not only does my nose look amazing, but so did everyone else’s that I met during my stay at the facility. 


Building trust in a doctor has never been easy for me.  I did extensive research and attended multiple consults with multiple doctors before meeting Dr. Lee.  Once I did encounter Dr. Lee, I knew he would be the best fit!  He made me feel comfortable.  He truly cares for each one of his patients, and you can sense his sincerity.  He didn’t rush me in and out or make me feel uncomfortable like in other consults.  Following his consult, I felt confident in my decision to move forward with Dr. Lee as my rhinoplasty surgeon.  I received so many compliments from friends, family and best-of-all other facial plastic surgeons.  The entire staff were warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in for my appointment.  A special shout out for Joan (the coordinator) for making my experience an amazing one.  Thank you, Dr. Lee, and the entire staff for the great care that the entire team provided.


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