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[2001.11.08] Open Rhinoplasty from Anatomical Approach 해부학적 …

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November 8th, 2001 

51st Korean Plastic Surgery Conference Autumn Scientific Convention @Walker Hill Hotel


Title: Open Rhinoplasty from Anatomical Approach


Asian nose features include low nasal bridge, bulbous and round nasal tip, wide alar, narrow columella angle, and diverted nostrils. The osteocartilaginous framework which are the nose structural framework of cartilage and bone attribute to these features of Asian nose. 


In terms of surgical perspective, there are camouflage approach and anatomical approach. The However, camouflage approach cannot effectively correct the deformities of osteocartilaginous framework. Therefore, issues have been found which create an unnatural result due to lack of modification of columella angle or nostrils shape regardless of nasal bridge augmentation. 


Surgery Method

For a structural modification of nasal framework in Asian nose, Asian nose rhinoplasty requires a various combination methods such as supporting grafts, various suture techniques, and osteotomy.

In order to effectively approach Asian rhinoplasty, I have applied columellar strut graft, spreader graft, tip autologous tissue graft, dorsal graft, cephalic trimming in lower lateral cartilage, tip suture techniques: transdormal suture & interdormal suture, osteotomy, and alar base resection.

While various rhinoplasty materials present such as alloplastic material and autogenous material, autologous septal cartilage has been used to prevent potential foreign implant side effects such as infection, skin thinning, skin necrosis, and skin discoloration. 


​When performing a rhinoplasty, the anatomical approach to modify nasal structure creates a natural line from the nose tip to lips and sophisticated shape in nostrils. Moreover, using an autologous tissue rather than allopatic material prevents common side effects. 





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